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Publié par FREDGENET

SESAMO, Invisible accessories hidden into the wall that can be opened only when necessary. Extreme functionality that turns into minimalistic and refined aesthetics. The inspiration about the name of this project comes from the Arabic tale of Ali Baba and the forty thieves. In the famous story, the mouth of the cave where the thieves were hiding could be opened only on the words “Open Sesame”. Following the same principle the collection SESAMO is composed by niches totally encased into the wall that can be opened only when desired. The niches into the wall hide bathroom daily use accessories such as toilet brush holder, paper holder, tooth brush holder, medicine cabinet, besides towel holder, clothes holder etc... everything becomes available only when needed. SESAMO in its clean lines represents a true revolution that dramatically goes beyond the concept of bathroom accessories adapting to materials and finishes employed for walls. Sesamo is again a new idea by antoniolupi to redesign this important space in our homes.

SESAMO by Antonio Lupi

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