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snoopy005 679x1024 Snoopy Cake
Source : Youtube cakeb0t
Chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream, and chocolate ganache. Yum!
Used to make the roof, Snoopy, grass cut-outs, and Woodstock & his mohawk!
*Gumpaste is like fondant, a pliable sugar “clay”. The difference from fondant is that it dries hard.
*The roof was rolled out & cut to dry on a mold that was made from foam core.
*The dimensions of the roof were used to print the picture of Snoopy & Woodstock to scale. The gumpaste was molded against the picture for the proper proportions.

Edible Black Marker:
Used to draw on lines and features of the dog house, grass cut-outs, Snoopy, & Woodstock.
*These are great, especially for the illustrated look of the cake! It’s also a lot less sticky than food gel coloring, or black petal dust with vodka.
Petal Dust + Vodka
Used to paint the house, Woodstock, Snoopy’s nose, and cake board.
*Mix the pigment (petal dust) with some Vodka and you have edible paint!
*Lemon extract can be used instead of Vodka. Because of the lower percentage of alcohol, the Vodka gave this a more streaky, shinier paint look, as opposed to the matte look lemon extract can give. The streaks and shine, give the house an authentic look!
Used to cover the house and cake board.
*For bright colors, color the fondant, roll it out, and then paint it in a matching color of petal dust with vodka or lemon extract.
*Fondant is rolled with corn starch so it doesn’t stick to the table.
*Shortening, cornstarch, and a bit of water can be used to smooth out seams.
Other tools
Fondant Smoothers
Dowels- used in top of every 4″ of cake for support.
Exacto knife
Rolling Pin
Toothpicks – Used in Woodstock’s body to stick him on Snoopy’s belly, and used to stick Snoopy on the roof.
Wax paper- Used to roll out gumpaste. It was useful for transferring the roof from the mold to the cake.
Foam Core- The foam core was used for the roof and cake boards. Two boards were glued together for the base board. The roof was made after the cake had been covered in ganache and refrigerated.
Royal Icing- Used to glue on the roof and grass to the dog house, Snoopy’s nose, and Woodstock’s feet and hair.
Ribbon- Vinyl ribbon was used to cover the edges of the cakeboard. Source : www.cakeb0t.com

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