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OMA proposal for 425 park avenue tower
'425 park avenue' by OMA, manhattan, new york
all images courtesy of OMA
OMA's proposal for mega project 425 park avenue posited an a brancusi-like form whose facets twist amid the manhattan grid. in keeping with the city's zoning laws, the design occupies the liminal space between orthogonality and serpentine curves by rotating the setback planes. to escape the pragmatic manhattan aesthetic of stretched pyramid, the building is composed of three stacked cubes rotated 45 degrees to reflect the cityscape and the sky. the result is a structure that escapes the the geometry of the city, while keeping 25% of the existing building. Source : designboom.com
concept diagram shows the facets from below
the tower from the ground level
the alternating flat and 3-d planes allow for unique city views
(left): a rendering of the street view
(right): a view of the structure from the pepsi cola building
models show the interplay of light on the surface of the form
a model of the urban context


a diagram comparing the proposal to famous niegbors- the seagram building and the lever house
usage diagram in section
floor plan level 0
floor plan of basic office
floor plan of mezzanine office
plan of amenities floor
floor plan of mid office
floor plan of torqued office
floor plan of top office

Source : Youtube nycarchitecture

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