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Publié par FREDGENET

Source: Youtube Skydive Dubai

After months of preparation and planning, Project XCF is on its last stage, only 9 days away from the record attempt.

In this video Ernesto Gainza and Roberta Mancino talk about the project's progression towards landing the worlds smallest parachute.

Luigi Cani (current world record holder) also talks about this project.

Our aim with Project XCF is to further understand the current limits of canopy flight performance, and explore the realms of what is possible.

Join Skydive Dubai in creating the future of the human flight and turning dreams into reality. Come watch Ernesto Gainza land the 35, the smallest parachute in the world, on a momentous fun filled day that is free and open to the public on April 5th at Skydive Dubai Palm DZ.

Filmed and Produced at Skydive Dubai.
Edited by: Marius Melusel
Music Licensed: Looperman LLC

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